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On Tuesday night, the winning tickets were sold to "Sonny's Cards'nThings" at RockyPoint for $50 million. The only beneficiaries of the entire state are 16,000 sellers.

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This is a successful community lottery run as a joint venture between West Somerset Council and Taunton Deane. It’s been highly successful in raising funds for local causes. 2017 was a real growth area for local lotteries and the West Somerset one is no exception. Players simply choose six numbers and pay £1 per line. Maximum prize is £25,000 and organisers say there is a 1/25 chance of winning something. That’s good odds and you’ll support local causes with the funds too.

The number of prizes, 111 times in 5 consecutive draws, the same number appears 4 times (you will understand that I will not post this number and dbox lotto resultsraw). It turns out that the interesting thing is that 3 times the same number repeats itself 5 times in 5 consecutive draws, and among the 6 winning numbers, this is 6 draws, numbered 67 and numbered 47.

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