what channel is the euromillions on tonight

The Robinsons, from the tiny town of Munford, with barely 5,000 residents, appeared overwhelmed by their incredible luck in the Powerball jackpot draw on Wednesday. The chances of winning were 1 what channel is the euromillions on tonightin 292.2 million.

Meanwhile, Cook County prosecutors are drafting court papers and expect a judge to hear the matter on Friday at the Daley Center courthouse, Sally Daly, a spokeswoman for State's Attorney Anita Alvarez has said.

Mr. Rajan, who has two daughters and a son, wants to pay off his loans of ₹7 lakh. “I wish to pay off the debt and build a new house,” he said.

The prize money is half the record Lotto jackpot win - shared with a couple from Scotland, who claimed their prize within days of the January 9 draw.


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After the attack in June, Malhotra used his winnings to buy a new corner-shop in a bid to turn his life around after going bankrupt in 2011.