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Really dizzy! Indian goat faces 2 years in prison for trespassing in someone else’s garden

"Polls further dignify our democratic traditions. We shouldn't tarnish polls. What happened with Mamata Banerjee was an accident, everyone says it. This should not be politicised. She and we are going to the people's court. One should go ahead by accepting the decision," Mr Gadkari told ANI.

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Donated 402 million US dollars. Lottery Commission spokesperson Beverly Hughessaid (Beverly Hughessaid) won two winning lottery tickets in Saturday night's raffle, lotto results checker national lotteryTulsa Lottery Communications Director Gary Gondersaid (GaryGondersaid.lott)

Friday 13th is said to the be the unluckiest date on the calendar. It’s believed that Jesus was crucified on this date and so since then, it’s synonymous with ill fortune. It’s not always the case though. For one Chorley woman, everything leading up to the day was bad luck, but her fortune took a turn for the better. In 2005, Debbie Mather from Chorley in Lancashire became a Friday 13th lottery winner; back then, she claimed a £5.1m jackpot. But it was the lead up to the win that was most notable to Debbie.

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Indian "Doctor Road" has been using his pension money to repair roads